May 2007

Somehow there is music that can hit more that just one sense. Usually it should just hit your ears. You can make a case for music and emotion, fair enough. But what about music that cleans you? Like, physically? The sound rises up and rushes over you like some kind of wave? Yes, sounds corny and played out but just shut the fuck up for a second. Listen to this. It’s only 8 minutes of your life and worth it you lazy slob.

Synthesizers rise up and will shower you with whatever it is that digitized notes would clean you with. Believe it.

Gui Boratto is one guy from Brazil who has put out an album about the fear of colour. Chromophobia sounds like scary shit. This isnt – this is beautiful life:

Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life


Doc Martens has some new ads out depicting dead rock icons in heaven wearing their shoes. They are awful awful shit and I can’t believe they can use the pics without somebody important allowing it. Depicted are Joe Strummer, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone and Kurt Cobain.

I dont want to come off as a total fanboy of these dudes who is all “omg i can’t believe they put my Kurt in an ad!!”. But these are pretty tasteless.

Not to mention historically inaccurate. Perhaps this would be better:

I’m a shaky guy. I admit it. Plus, I am probably 1000X better than I was when I was 13 years old. One of my friends in high school would tell me later that when he met me he honestly thought my parents beat me because I was so shaky. I don’t really think that he thought that. He was just a guy that liked to embellish a little bit.

So yes, I have shaky hands. So what?!? Now, I am getting the last laugh. Finally someone is making Shaky Hands cool. They are called The Shaky Hands. They are from Portland, where I am dying to return to if for no other reason than to eat maple donuts with bacon.

Back on topic – The Shaky Hands. Fun, childish, indie pop with all that other stuff bands from Portland seem to throw in their as well. The voice is nothing new to indie land. Slightly off kilter, the guy probably has glasses and some facial hair. The album has songs that implement smiling winning tactics such as whistling, jangly guitar, trumpets, hand claps and songs that barely go over the 3 minute mark. Here’s a couple:

Why & How Come

Another World – Pt. 2

Stuff that takes 12 minutes: Make a Bacon & Egg Breakfast, drive home from school in non rush hour traffic, take a shower, play an nba quarter of basketball (game clock not real time) and there is at least one take in 2001: A Space Odyssey that is 12 minutes long.

Musically, 12 minutes can be an eternity. Especially if its only one song. That is pretty much 4 times the average length of a regular hit song on the radio. Nonetheless, everybody’s one man band James Murphy has put out a 12+ minute song that is the freak out track of the summer called Freak Out. See what I just did there?

Sometimes the everything but the kitchen sink method works. Like here, for instance. You’ve got 70s funk rolling into Italian Disco into somekind of incredible Fela Kuti breakdown cowbell and then flipping into some kind Gary Newman synth and then finally ending up with some Starry Eyes…

Here, i’ll break it down for you:

Chant Chorus-> Bongo-> Trumpet – >Chant Chorus ->Funky Bass line ->Slinky Italian Keyboard-> Drum Breakdown->Cowbell->UhsYasAllrights->80s synth-> Female TalkSing Vocals-> Bleep Bleep.

Okay, if I havent totally spoiled the track for you check it out here: LCD Soundsytem – Freak Out

I’m tired, oh so tired. The way the human body goes through waves, peaks and valleys, second and third ‘winds’ throughout a night is too too strange. Why, when i get home at 4:30 in the morning do I feel the need to stay awake until 5:30 when I was totally exhausted at 4:00.

On another note, the Polyphonic Spree have a new album coming out called The Fragile Army. No more lovey dovey white and colour robes. Tim DeLaughter was finally fed up with the Drink the Kool-Aid jokes and pulled a one eighty on your ass and handed out army uniforms.Spree

Click on that image to check it out.

Dude has gone from Jim Jones to S1W

jim jones

Anyways, if you liked the music before you’ll like it again. If you hated it, there’s nothing new here. I mean how much of a new direction can you take with a 23 member band? A choir is gonna sound like choir. There are ba ba bas and the whole bit.

Names are a tough thing for a band. Anyone who has ever dreamed about being in a band has brainstormed the “best band name ever”. When I was 19 I decided that if I ever had a band they would be called the Kanetoads, and that that was the best band name ever thought up in the relatively short history of rock and roll. I never joined a band and thankfully, the Kanetoads never came to be.

What I’m saying is that names are pretty subjective. The best test I have to see how bad a band’s name is to say it out loud to a friend. If you’re embarrassed, even in the slightest to say the name out loud then that is probably a bad name. The conversation might go like this:

You: So what are listening to lately?

Me: Oh there is this great band that I found recently. They’ve been around for a few albums, but I just found out about them.

You: What is their name?

Me: Uh, Black Moth Super Rainbow…….. (fade out)

Yes, the bands name is Black Moth Super Rainbow and the album looks and sounds like this:

With a name and album cover like that you’re bound to get labelled as psych-something. Forget that. This album is what would happen if Beck gave up his solo career, accidentally somehow managed to become the third member of Air and they all squished Odelay and Moon Safari into one album. Vocoder haters need not apply here.

So ignore the embarrassing name. Maybe we can just shorten in to BMSR but there’s no vowels in there to make it pronounceable and I would get it confused with BRMC or even BTO.