Names are a tough thing for a band. Anyone who has ever dreamed about being in a band has brainstormed the “best band name ever”. When I was 19 I decided that if I ever had a band they would be called the Kanetoads, and that that was the best band name ever thought up in the relatively short history of rock and roll. I never joined a band and thankfully, the Kanetoads never came to be.

What I’m saying is that names are pretty subjective. The best test I have to see how bad a band’s name is to say it out loud to a friend. If you’re embarrassed, even in the slightest to say the name out loud then that is probably a bad name. The conversation might go like this:

You: So what are listening to lately?

Me: Oh there is this great band that I found recently. They’ve been around for a few albums, but I just found out about them.

You: What is their name?

Me: Uh, Black Moth Super Rainbow…….. (fade out)

Yes, the bands name is Black Moth Super Rainbow and the album looks and sounds like this:

With a name and album cover like that you’re bound to get labelled as psych-something. Forget that. This album is what would happen if Beck gave up his solo career, accidentally somehow managed to become the third member of Air and they all squished Odelay and Moon Safari into one album. Vocoder haters need not apply here.

So ignore the embarrassing name. Maybe we can just shorten in to BMSR but there’s no vowels in there to make it pronounceable and I would get it confused with BRMC or even BTO.