Stuff that takes 12 minutes: Make a Bacon & Egg Breakfast, drive home from school in non rush hour traffic, take a shower, play an nba quarter of basketball (game clock not real time) and there is at least one take in 2001: A Space Odyssey that is 12 minutes long.

Musically, 12 minutes can be an eternity. Especially if its only one song. That is pretty much 4 times the average length of a regular hit song on the radio. Nonetheless, everybody’s one man band James Murphy has put out a 12+ minute song that is the freak out track of the summer called Freak Out. See what I just did there?

Sometimes the everything but the kitchen sink method works. Like here, for instance. You’ve got 70s funk rolling into Italian Disco into somekind of incredible Fela Kuti breakdown cowbell and then flipping into some kind Gary Newman synth and then finally ending up with some Starry Eyes…

Here, i’ll break it down for you:

Chant Chorus-> Bongo-> Trumpet – >Chant Chorus ->Funky Bass line ->Slinky Italian Keyboard-> Drum Breakdown->Cowbell->UhsYasAllrights->80s synth-> Female TalkSing Vocals-> Bleep Bleep.

Okay, if I havent totally spoiled the track for you check it out here: LCD Soundsytem – Freak Out