I’m a shaky guy. I admit it. Plus, I am probably 1000X better than I was when I was 13 years old. One of my friends in high school would tell me later that when he met me he honestly thought my parents beat me because I was so shaky. I don’t really think that he thought that. He was just a guy that liked to embellish a little bit.

So yes, I have shaky hands. So what?!? Now, I am getting the last laugh. Finally someone is making Shaky Hands cool. They are called The Shaky Hands. They are from Portland, where I am dying to return to if for no other reason than to eat maple donuts with bacon.

Back on topic – The Shaky Hands. Fun, childish, indie pop with all that other stuff bands from Portland seem to throw in their as well. The voice is nothing new to indie land. Slightly off kilter, the guy probably has glasses and some facial hair. The album has songs that implement smiling winning tactics such as whistling, jangly guitar, trumpets, hand claps and songs that barely go over the 3 minute mark. Here’s a couple:

Why & How Come

Another World – Pt. 2