There is little debate that weather affects mood and mood can influence listening habits. I am not going to win any Pulitzers pointing this out. I don’t even think they have a Pulitzer for blogs thank christ. What I do want to say is that when it’s hot and it’s summertime a female vocal strikes a chord with me.

I am not the biggest fan of pop music. However every summer the sun comes out and apparently lightens my mood enough to somehow open my ear to the easy flow of la las and ba bas of pop music. This is especially the case for female pop. Examples from the past include Amerie’s 1 thing – the summer jam from ’05 and and Beyonce’s Crazy in Love from prior to that.

So let me introduce the front runners from this year:

1) Kinnie Starr – La Le La La

Okay so it might actually be from last year if you want to get technical. I had never really paid much attention to Kinnie Starr who gets a lot of local press in Vancouver and so can therefore be pretty easily over saturated while being completely unknown. I always thought of her as a poor (wo)man’s Ani Difranco. I realize that any time some solo female artist with a guitar and mind of her own comes around she is automatically compared to the Righteous Babe herself but I would take it as a compliment.

Anyways , this song sounds nothing like the female righteousnes of Ms. Difranco. Instead out comes a funky pop gem that is full of, as the title would suggest, la las and le les. With a bright tone and sing a long chorus it works wonders on a warm summer afternoon.

2) I Get Around – Dragonette

Summer Jam you say? Fuck yes. An electropop tune from a formerly Toronto now London based quartet. There is a video on YouTube that looks like American Apparel supplied the wardrobe for. Lots of bad eighties unitard outfits. So I wont link directly to it.

But back to the song. Starts with crunching synths which never really get me going but by the time the chorus kicks in it’s over. Then there is the breakdown at the 2:20 mark which just makes me lose my shit every time. Hopefully nobody is watching me when i listen to this part when I’m driving my dorky minivan.