In these days of downloading and free free free music the music industry is doing everything it can to make people buy cds. They are packaged with all kinds of extras. Just plunk a cd into your computer and there may be videos, lyrics or even games digitally added to it. This practice isn’t unique to just cds though. Back in the early 80’s some Vinyl records were also packed with computer content.

In order to play the games you would record the right track from the record onto a cassette tape. Then load the tape into the computer. Most of the games were made for a computer that was popular in the 1980’s in the UK called a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. My Vic-20 used cassette tapes to load games too, I remember.

At first most of the files were just text files displaying lyrics, tour schedules and band descriptions. Then came the Thompson Twins. Their 1984 release, The Thompson Twins Adventure Game included a text based adventure game that had graphic display as well.

It’s a bizarre game that is pretty boring to play by today’s standards as it harkens back to the days of entering N,S,E,W and guessing whatever verbs the games designers used to get things done. Pick up? Get? Obtain? Look? Inventory? How am I supposed to guess Inventory? You lead the 80’s British Pop superstars around an island full of beaches and caves. Here’s a tip: Don’t go North right away! You can play the game in your browser if you have Java (and who doesn’t) here.