Let me present to you a pretty great summertime album. It’s an electro pop number from a band called Misha. It is full of warm synths, plucky guitars and breezy vocals. It’s pleasant enough to throw on at the next bbq without too many harumphs from the crowd. A couple of standout tracks:

“Anaconda” – has all the breeziness of thatched hut on some Caribbean beach. It comes complete with a whistling and synthesizer solo in the middle. Wait, I guess that’s not a solo anymore. Don’t blame me, I’m using the singers words.

Then there is “Summersend” which goes so far as to actually include the word summer in the title. This song’s chorus contains sparkling guitar that sounds like it was played by that happy sun from the box of Raisin Bran. Yes it’s that summery.

Add it to your summer playlist.

Misha – Teardrop Sweetheart