Kwik-E-Marts are now open in 11 different locations across the US. Before you get all drooling and crazy like I did, just realize that 7-11 is converting some of its stores into Kwik-E-Marts as part of marketing for the The Simpson’s Movie, being released later this summer.

Here are some sweet pics of the one that just opened in Burbank.

A first hand account of someone’s visit to one:

Truly amazing promotion — a gift. all of the employees are wearing apu uniforms. the owner of the mountain view location is indian, and he didn’t hold back. he greets you with ‘welcome to the kwik-e-mart!’ and says goodbye with ‘thank you — come again!’. bart was working the door, marge and lisa were mingling inside (actors). comic book guy is by the magazines, chief wiggum is guarding the donuts, and ralph is enjoying a popsicle (life-size decals). i bought a six pack of buzz, but they were out of krusty-o’s (and pink donuts); word is they’re getting a shipment later tonight. 

Oh and apparently Vancouver is getting one soon so I will be sending someone out there for my Krusty O’s. Any volunteers?