The band is called Vampire Weekend and for all intents and purposes I feel like I should hate them. Yet there I am last Friday night dancing around the kitchen with my better half (better in every way except dancing) to “A-Punk”, a track off this Vampire Weekend CD-R called Blue.

Let’s go through the list as to why they are blowin’ up da internets…

-Slight Kooky Name

-From NYC

-Unsigned band

-Self Released Album

-Young guys who have cute shaggy hair

All perfectly good reasons to love (or hate) them for them. However I keep putting on this album because the music is loads of fun. The above mentioned “A-Punk” starts out with jaunty guitars and rolls along with a bouncy baseline but look out for that tom tom and swirling cutesy organ coming at you 45 seconds in. Play while you get drunk on summertime coolers or white wine or whatever you drink when its hot and you too will find yourself dancing in your kitchen.

“Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” sounds like a Paul Simon cover song. On first listen you expect Ladysmith Black Mombazo to jump in on the chorus. Instead of an african choir the song wraps up with some kinda renaissance synth. Wait, what?

But if you wanna listen to just one song because you’re too lazy to do much else. Please check out “Walcott” where a perfectly pounded piano propels this song where for some reason this Walcott guy has to get the hell out of Cape Cod and back to New Jersey. Doesn’t make sense to me either but I’m not one to question.

Vampire Weekend – Blue CD-R