Back in the day alternative was big and so was country so they put them together and made alternative country. Remember those times? The late 90’s early 00’s? Those were good times when I loved bands like Whiskeytown, Uncle Tupelo, The Jayhawks etc etc. I think my love rubbed off a little, not much but a little, on a few friends.

I have this friend. For privacy’s sake, lets call him Kenny B…Wait that’s to obvious. How about K Britton. One day he walked into a record store and started chatting up the girl behind the counter. He was asking about just this type of music but for some reason he decided to ask her “so whats new in the alt cunt scene”. I think we may have jokingly, to ourselves shortened alternative country to alt cunt but he blew it out in the open.

That takes us to The Roadside Graves. A band that is pretty happy where it is now but reminds me of those halcyon days of alt cunt. Musical nods go back to Springsteen, Dylan and others that led the revitalization. It’s great road music full of harmonized vocals, rollicking guitars and piano.

This year they’ve released their second album called No One Will Know Where You’ve Been and it’s been a favourite around here all year long. Here’s what’s new and great in the alt cunt scene.

Head on over to Kill Buffalo, their label’s website, for a sample .mp3 of the song West Coast.