October 2007

Lions is Jonquil’s second record but the first one we’ve ever heard around here. It’s a beautiful collection of folk/ experimental/ add another genre here music that rolls along beautifully. If you can’t get excited about this collection of instruments used on the album then you have little soul:

double bass, electric guitar, trumpet, flugelhorn, piano, voice, accordian, bassoon, glockenspiel, computer, drums, percussion, bowed kit, violin, melodica, organ, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, ukulele, whistles, flute

I’ll be honest and say I had to google bouzouki .

“Sudden Sun” sets into Animal Collectivesque campfire sing a long territory. “Lions” uses a Parisian waltzy accordian to step us into the second half of the record. First single “Whistle Low” is a tight little ditty propelled by adorable keyboards.

All in all it is an excellent late night album that clatters and wheezes and swoons all at once.

Lions it out now on Try Harder records.

Test it out here.


I always kind of knew that anything is possible in Russia but it certainly is gratifying to see photographic evidence posted on the internet. Please follow THIS LINK HERE to see the best thing to come out of Russia since those wooden dolls that fit inside of each other. Here is a small sample of the best link the internet has to offer:

Scrolling down that page was more euphoric than my first porno mag.