This record crept up on me and punched me in the back of my knees.  Talk about a great summer record that I can’t stop listening to as winter approaches.  The band comes from Alabama and I had absolutely no idea these songs could come from that state.  It’s like the guys in Thomas Function found a box full of long lost hit songs from the 1960’s, and made a covers record in their garage.


The album belts out catchy tune one after another.  Chock full of wind-you-up drum beats and a bright bouncy organ and that voice… kind of punky but there is that Alabama twang thrown in there sometimes.  The records skips across a list of genres without consciously trying to cram too much into it.

“Conspiracy of Praise” has me shouting out ‘to the bus stop bus stop bus stop’ repeatedly everytime even though those aren’t really the lyrics.  “2012 Blues” sounds like a lost cut from Let it Bleed.  “Swimming Through a Sea of Broken Glass” has the best call and response chorus.  Nary a bad apple in the bunch.  Dig in to Celebration.

Thomas Function – Celebration