Good Copy Bad Copy is an hour long documentary from Denmark that examines remix culture and copyright around the world. It would be too easy with this kind of film to cut it to make the big guys like the MPAA and RIAA seem like the jerks. Everyone already knows that so there is no need to go down that road anymore. While the film does take a few cheap shots at the suits for the most part it avoids that and instead examines how different cultures and businesses are dealing with the copyright issu.

They have some celebs the likes of Danger Mouse and Girl Talk but the most interesting parts of the film are when they travel around the world to examine how other countries deal with creation and distribution of movies and music. They go to Africa and show how the Nigerian Film Industry, known as Nollywood of course, has come up with a business model on the opposite end of the spectrum from it’s Hollywood counterparts. Other stops on the copyright tour include Russia, Sweden, the UK and Brazil.

The film is available as a free download over The Pirate Bay. Download the torrent, watch the film and maybe even Paypal some money to them. Oh and as for the title of this entry? Yes you should definitely watch this film before the woeful bi lingual canadian movie with the similar title. Maybe you had to be Quebecois to get some of the jokes and having read the wikipedia page on the movie I think you do.

So to sum up: Good Copy Bad Copy good. Bon Cop, Bad Copy bad or mal if you prefer.