Riff Raff

A friend of a friend on Facebook (theoretically that could be any one of millions of people, I know) uploaded these lightning pics.  All 14 images were taken taken in a half second.  Apparently he just pointed the camera to the sky and clicked.

If anyone wants to make a gif out of that I’d love to see it.


Kwik-E-Marts are now open in 11 different locations across the US. Before you get all drooling and crazy like I did, just realize that 7-11 is converting some of its stores into Kwik-E-Marts as part of marketing for the The Simpson’s Movie, being released later this summer.

Here are some sweet pics of the one that just opened in Burbank.

A first hand account of someone’s visit to one:

Truly amazing promotion — a gift. all of the employees are wearing apu uniforms. the owner of the mountain view location is indian, and he didn’t hold back. he greets you with ‘welcome to the kwik-e-mart!’ and says goodbye with ‘thank you — come again!’. bart was working the door, marge and lisa were mingling inside (actors). comic book guy is by the magazines, chief wiggum is guarding the donuts, and ralph is enjoying a popsicle (life-size decals). i bought a six pack of buzz, but they were out of krusty-o’s (and pink donuts); word is they’re getting a shipment later tonight. 

Oh and apparently Vancouver is getting one soon so I will be sending someone out there for my Krusty O’s. Any volunteers?

Click on the picture for a bigger, higher res version. It’s worth it trust me.

After staring at this picture for too long i decided to look into it a little more. First I found out it was the cover of a greatest hits album put out in 1986 on Island Records called ‘Island Life’ (get it?). The album itself is a decent introduction to what Grace Jones did as a singer but is too full of 70’s european disco schlock to listen all the way through.

Next thing I found out was that the position she is in is a ballet move called an Arabesque and that while it certainly looks impressive it is also impossible.

The picture was taken by a photographer named Jean Paul Goude who saw an intriguing subject in the model/ actress/ singer. He notes about that picture that “…unless you are extraordinarily supple, you cannot do this arabesque. The main point is that Grace couldn’t do it, and that’s the basis of my entire work: creating a credible illusion.”

Goude photographed Jones in a variety of positions using boxes to hold up parts of her body and then combined the images in a montage that eventually became the amazing image that you see above. Here is the mock up:

Do I feel duped? Not at all. I think Goude did an amazing job especially considering it was all done before the Photoshop times of today when, with every amazing image, someone asks “Is that photoshopped?”.

Doc Martens has some new ads out depicting dead rock icons in heaven wearing their shoes. They are awful awful shit and I can’t believe they can use the pics without somebody important allowing it. Depicted are Joe Strummer, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone and Kurt Cobain.

I dont want to come off as a total fanboy of these dudes who is all “omg i can’t believe they put my Kurt in an ad!!”. But these are pretty tasteless.

Not to mention historically inaccurate. Perhaps this would be better: