I’ve never hidden my admiration for most things Hall & Oates.  Long time fan over here, not some bandwagon jumper.  I will go and pull out my Big Bam Boom album that i bought when I was 10 if you want.

So you can imagine my surprise when I finally stumble upon the most jaw dropping video by hitmakers Hall and Oates.  Behold the most amazing clip put to videotape (and you can tell it’s videotape because whoever upped the video to youtube obviously doesnt know how to adjust their tracking): She’s Gone.

While on first look it seems like they rolled in Daryl and John for one take and sent them on their way, something tells me that there was serious planning involved here.  It just didn’t turn out exactly as planned.

Here are the wtfs that I can see:

00:05 – green screen shot of abandoned house and camera pulls out.  Perhaps the empty house is a metaphor to tell us that “She’s Gone”????

00:25 – Hall has his Bowie look and Oates is costumed as the future Ted “Million Dollar Man” Dibiase.  They are on the set of some local cable talk show.

1:00 – 1st guest appearance with amazing strut.

1:05- 2nd guest appearance.  What does Hall toss in the air?  I cant tell either.  Oates forgets to do this and can’t grab his paper off the table quick enough so just heads into verse 2.

1:35 – Hall is so cool that he decides to blow off his lines and just looked cool with his cigarette.  Huh?

1:58 – Close up of table to show us what they’ve been throwing in the air.  Oh, monopoly money.

2:45 – Oates makes his move.  PENGUIN GUITAR SOLO.

3:10 -Hall forgets his lines again.

3:28 – Zoom in to devil who hasn’t replaced her like the song said but has replaced Hall in his chair.  and SCENE.

Obviously a high concept video that predates most high concept video.  You have characters in costume, props, and performers who don’t really even perform the song.  Amazing.