I sit in front of two computer screens (3 if i have the laptop on) all day long.  I’m not complaining.  I kind of even like it but eventually even I can tire of staring at excel tables and digital maps.  That is why I have just been loving this page I found recently.  

Web cam Puppies!!!!


Broadcasting 24 hrs a day from parts unknown a box full of 6 Shiba Inu puppies.  All of them are same colour and look identical except for their different coloured collars.  Check it

  •   Autumn (Purple collar)
  •  Ayumi (Yellow collar)
  •  Amaya (Red collar)
  •  Aki (Green collar)
  • Akoni (Black collar)
  •  Ando (Blue collar)

From what I have seen so far Aki likes to bite everyone and walk on them while they sleep and Autumn is the laziest.  I am guessing this web cam will be up for a limited time only because, at the time of writing, these puppies are already 4 weeks old.  I am not sure how old breeders keep puppies before handing them out to their new owners but my guess is that this we’ll only be able to watch this 6 headed pile of unbearable adorability for another few weeks.

No matter how shitty your day is or how much you hate your job, spending 5 minutes of your time watching puppies crawl all over each other is bound to improve your quality of life.